Joint postgraduate scholarships with Departments and Colleges

Many Departments and Colleges themselves provide funds for student support.  While much of this support operates effectively without the need for co-ordination with the Trust, the Trust and Departments or Colleges have sometimes found it beneficial to work together in two ways, and the Trust is always ready to consider such arrangements:

  • Ad hoc co-ordination of support to individual students.  If a Department or College is able to offer partial funding to a student, it may be helpful to discuss that student’s requirements with the Trust, if we have also been asked to consider funding the same student.  On occasion we may be able to offer two separate awards which combine to meet a student’s needs.  We are always ready to meet Colleges or Departments during the period from March to June when awards are being considered.
  • If a Department or College has access to regular funds to support students, for example through a research grant or endowment, it has at times been useful to establish a long-term joint funding arrangement with the Trust in order to offer a more substantial level of support to students.  The Trust is open to discussing new arrangements of this kind, provided that they are consistent with maintaining a balanced intake of high-quality postgraduate students, and that a substantial part of the funding has been raised independently of the Trust.  Please contact Tendai Kariwo if you wish to discuss such possibilities for collaboration.