Other postgraduate scholarships

The award of the Trust's many other postgraduate scholarships (PhD and Masters’ level) is handled by the Trust itself.  Scholarships are only awarded to students at the start of their courses, not to those who are part-way through courses.

The Trust will consider all those applicants who have applied by the published deadlines and who have been made a conditional or unconditional offer, and who have stated that they wish to be considered for financial support.

The Trust depends upon the list of highest scoring applicants on academic merit, as ranked by Departments and Faculties. 

A variety of full- and part-cost scholarships are then made to the most deserving students, within the constraints of available funds.  Consideration is given to the applicant’s financial need.

Many of the postgraduate scholarships made by the Trust are provided under long-term agreements with external funding partners, which include overseas governments, foundations and companies.  In some cases candidates also need to apply directly to the funding partners in order to be considered for a scholarship; in other cases the Trust can nominate suitable candidates or take decisions themselves on behalf of the partner.  Details of schemes and application routes are given in the Scholarships section of this website.

Since the Trust is under pressure to make early offers of scholarships, Departments and Faculties are encouraged to process, as early as possible, applications from postgraduate students who may need to be considered for funding.  When promoting candidates to funding partners, it is helpful to know how highly scored the applicant is, so Departments and Faculties are asked to score all applicants to whom they will offer conditional admission.