Current students

The Trust treats students in residence who are applying for admission to a higher degree course in the same way as new applicants from overseas.

The Trust does not consider applications from students in the middle of their course, except in defined circumstances of unforeseen hardship, as follows, and then only on referral from the student’s College:

  • if students find themselves in severe unforeseen financial hardship
  • if the student’s College is willing to provide a certain level of support and/or fee remission (the Trust takes account of the financial circumstances of individual Colleges)
  • if funding from the Trust would enable the student to complete their course of study successfully
  • the Trust may provide a hardship grant to match funds provided by the College, up to a maximum of £5,000 per student, or £1,000 in the case of students needing to abandon their studies and in need of funds to return home.

Please contact the Scholarships Team for further information or to seek hardship funding for a student.  The Trust’s funds to assist with student hardship are limited, and priority is given to students in less wealthy Colleges who have suffered clear and severe hardship as a result of illness, bereavement or other misfortune.  The Trust is not in a position to underwrite the financial needs of students who have simply made overly optimistic forecasts of their income or their family’s income.