Cambridge Cancer Centre

The Cambridge Cancer Centre is a virtual organisation that brings together researchers from Cambridge and surrounding areas (from the University, Institutes, Addenbrooke's and biotech organisations) whose work has current or potential application to cancer research. The goal is to promote collaborative projects at the interface between different disciplines.

The Centre now includes over 140 research groups that range from Mathematics through Chemistry, Biology, and the clinics, to population sciences and Public Health, and that draw in institutions such as the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, as well as local biotech and ‘big pharma’.

From bench to bedside: the aim of the Cancer Centre is to catalyse interaction between scientists and clinicians who might not even be aware of each other's interests, and to provide an environment and start-up support that make it as easy as possible for new ideas to take root and grow.  

The centre works with the Cambridge Trust to offer the CCC PhD Studentship, available to research students in fields relevant to the work of the Centre and its affiliates.

Note for students

You are encouraged to use the Trust's scholarships search to find all the awards for which you may be eligible.