Tara Getty Foundation

The Tara Getty Foundation provides support to a wide range of charitable endeavours.  Significant charitable objectives include assisting existing charities with projects ranging from development of rural communities in Africa, conservation of wildlife, protection of the oceans and climate, disaster relief and aid for those suffering from poverty, sickness and poor health.  In all cases there is an emphasis on self-help, community values and an effort to assist individuals in making changes themselves.

Over a number of years, the Foundation has worked closely with the Africa Foundation in South Africa and their Community Leaders Education Fund (CLEF) scholarship programme.  This has been a great success in providing opportunities for school students from rural communities in South Africa to go on to study at university.

The Foundation is proud to be able to partner with the Cambridge Trust in funding the 'Tara Getty Foundation Cambridge Scholarship' which will provide the opportunity for CLEF graduates to apply for Master's courses at the University of Cambridge.