Trust renews partnership

The China Scholarship Council and the Cambridge Trust have celebrated ten years of supporting some of the best Chinese research students in Cambridge.

The success of the programme has led the partners to widen its reach to include Masters students also from 2016-17 onwards, with ten full-cost scholarships to be awarded each year.

Since the inception of the partnership back in 2006, 211 highly-ranked students from China have been supported on PhD courses in Cambridge, 36 in arts subjects and 175 in science subjects. Thirty full-cost scholarships have been offered each year.

Earlier this year, Helen Pennant, the Trust’s Director, visited Beijing to seal the agreement with Dr Liu Jinghui, Secretary-General of the China Scholarship Council, a non-profit institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education.

Dr Jinghui returned the compliment by visiting Cambridge last month, accompanied by Mr Li Hong, Director of the Division of European Affairs, to sign the new agreement and to meet with current China Scholarship Council Cambridge scholars.

Professor Ian White, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, welcomed the delegation on behalf of the University, commenting that "the number and level of joint research collaborations in Cambridge is greatly enhanced by the presence of graduate students from China, a great many of whom are supported by the China Scholarship Council" and that these students are "the problem-solvers and innovators who are essential to addressing the global challenges Cambridge aspires to address".

In addition to a formal signing ceremony, the proceedings included lively presentations from three of the many scholars undertaking their studies in Cambridge with support from the Trust and the Council about their research projects, their time in Cambridge and the impact of being awarded such a prestigious scholarship.

CSC scholar speakers<br />(L-R Mr Guohua Hu, Mr Xiang Cheng, Miss Jinglin Kong)

CSC scholar speakers
(L-R Mr Guohua Hu, Mr Xiang Cheng, Miss Jinglin Kong)