Trust scholar coxes Cambridge Women’s Crew in 2015 Boat Race

Rosemary Ostfeld is no stranger to coxing on the Thames, having coxed the Cambridge reserve crew, Goldie, in the men's Boat Race last year.

But on Saturday 11 April an even larger audience will see her cox in the 2015 Newton Women's Boat Race, the first of these annual races to be held on the same course as the men's race, on the Thames in London.

Rosemary is currently studying for a PhD in Land Economy, with support from the Cambridge Trust.  A member of Hughes Hall, her research interests are in renewable energy, water resources, palm oil and eco certification. 

A few facts about the Boat Race:

  • The course is 6.779km in length, and is run upstream in London from Putney to Mortlake, with an incoming flood tide to ensure the fastest possible waters.
  • Coxes vie with each other to gain the fastest current, in the deepest part of the river.
  • The Newton Women's Boat Race race will take place at 16.50, followed by the men's BNY Mellon Boat Race at 17.50.
  • It is estimated that over 250,000 people watch the race along the banks of the Thames each year, with a further 15 million plus watching it worldwide on television.

You can read Rosemary's contribution to a Boat Race coxes' Q&A session, published this week in The Daily Telegraph.

Rosemary Ostfeld: Cox, CUWBC

Rosemary Ostfeld: Cox, CUWBC
(courtesy Getty Images)