A platform for Trust Scholars

Cambridge Trust scholars will take to the podium at the forthcoming Wolfson Research Event, giving talks and presenting succinct posters about their research.

The annual event, to be held this year on Friday 24 February, will include scholars from Ghana, India, Egypt and Greece.  Aicha Massrali, who is taking a PhD in Psychiatry with a Yousef Jameel Scholarship, will talk on Modeling Autistic Neurons by Cellular Reprogramming.  She will be followed by Eirini Trichia, whose Epidemiology research is funded by a Vice-Chancellor's Award and a George & Marie Vergottis Scholarship; she will talk on Dairy Products Intake, Diabetes and Obesity - Is There a Link?

The display of academic posters will include presentations from Henry Agbe, a Visiting Student from the University of Ghana, who is working in Materials Chemistry with the help of a Commonwealth (Cambridge) Scholarship, and Utsa Sarmin from India, who is taking an MPhil in Development Studies with a GREAT University of Cambridge Scholarship.

The Wolfson Research Event, which features students from both Wolfson College and its Oxford sister college St Antony's, is chaired this year by another Cambridge Trust scholar, Matthias Wong from Singapore, who is undertaking a PhD in History with the help of an NUS Cambridge Scholarship.