Trust renews its partnership with the ALThuraya Foundation

Ms Noor Attar, Managing Director of the ALThuraya Foundation, recently visited Cambridge on the occasion of the renewal of the partnership with the Cambridge Trust.

Under this agreement, the Trust and the Foundation will collaborate for a further three years to support Master’s students to study at the University of Cambridge. The AlThuraya Cambridge Scholarship supports students in the fields of Genetic Sciences and Bioinformatics, Public Health & Administration, Law, Computer Sciences and Telecommunications, Energy, Water & Agriculture.

AlThuraya Foundation, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization based in Edinburgh, seeks to provide benefit by focusing on the provision of funding and mentoring of young scholars, promoting the advancement of education. The Foundation aims to focus its efforts to support and invest in education as a way to enhance promising yet underprivileged people and societies, starting with the Middle East North Africa Region, and hopefully extending its support on a global scale in due course.

The Foundation wishes to facilitate positive change and development through granting hope and opportunity to outstanding young individuals, building and developing the MENA region's prospects through the highest levels of education in the world's most prestigious universities. AlThuraya Foundation scholars will be optimally positioned to acquire the requisite skills to effect positive change in their respective societies, the region, and the world.