If you plan to start a degree course at the University of Cambridge, use the tool below to see a list of scholarships for which you are eligible.

Although the Trust is working towards a full programme of scholarships for students of any nationality, please note that there are currently only very few awards available for UK and EU students. We look forward to offering a full range of scholarships over the coming years.

Scholarships that are currently available to UK/EU students are: David & Susan Hibbitt Cambridge Scholarship (PhD), PSL Cambridge Scholarships (Masters, for students from PSL institutions only), Santander Cambridge Scholarship (Masters), St Edmund's Duke of Edinburgh Scholarship (any degree level), and Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship (PhD, not UK). Other sources of funding within Cambridge for UK/EU students include the Isaac Newton Trust (undergraduates) and the Cambridge Home & EU Scholarship Scheme (postgraduates).

The list is in two sections:

Awards for which a separate application is necessary

These are scholarships for which you must make an application in addition to your application to the University of Cambridge. Click on the link ‘By separate application’ to go to the application website. The Trust expects eligible students in search of funding to apply for all relevant scholarships.

Please note that applications for the MBA and the MFin courses at the Judge Business School are not made via the University's GRADSAF but have their own application forms - see the course websites for full information and links.  Similarlarly, the MBA and MFin have separate application forms if you wish to be considered for a scholarship; these can also be downloaded from the relevant web pages of the JBS.

Awards for which only a University of Cambridge application is necessary

These are scholarships for which you can be considered without making a separate application in additional to your University application.

  • If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you will be invited to apply for scholarships AFTER you are offered a place at Cambridge.
  • If you are applying for a postgraduate course and wish to be considered for scholarships, you will need to complete Section B of the online application form (GRADSAF). This asks for a Personal Statement, which should include mention of any scholarships for which you wish to be considered, how you meet any specific criteria for those scholarships, and information about your financial circumstances.

Please read the details of eligibility carefully.

Applications for admission in 2014/15 may now be made.  The deadline for submitting your application for funding is 3 December 2013.  For further details please check the Graduate Admissions’ website at: