New scholarship for Syrian undergraduates

Thanks to a generous donation by The Polonsky Foundation, the Cambridge Trust has a new programme of scholarships for Syrian undergraduates who start their courses in Cambridge in 2017-18.

The awards are available to students at any of the colleges in Cambridge, and in any subject except Medicine or Veterinary Medicine.  Successful candidates will need to hold excellent results from an internationally-recognised syllabus, such as IB or A-levels, and a high level of skill in English language (speaking, reading and writing).

Applicants do not have to be currently resident in Syria, and may be studying elsewhere at the time of applying, but they will need to show that they intend to return to Syria as soon as it is safe and resonably practical following graduation, to play a useful role in the peaceful evolution of the country.

The scholarship will pay the full cost of study in Cambridge, including tuition and college fees, living allowance, annual travel, and some other expenses such as visa/NHS charges and the cost of attending an in-person interview in Cambridge.

How to apply

  • Use the University website to learn about available subjects, and about student life in Cambridge
  • Apply before 15 October 2016 via UCAS
  • If you are living or studying outside the EU, also apply directly to the University

If your application is satisfactory, you may be invited to Cambridge for an interview in early December 2016.  You will learn whether you have a place at the University in January 2017.