Aatir Rizvi

Year group: 2004

Degree: LLM

College: St. Catharine's

Home country: Pakistan

Current position: Principal, Superior College of Law, Lahore, Pakistan

Mr Aatir Rizvi completed his LLM from Cambridge in 2005. Before coming to Cambridge, Aatir gained a Masters in Political Science and History, together with a LLB degree, from the University of the Punjab.

Currently, Aatir heads the Superior College of Law, one of the largest and leading law colleges in Pakistan, and is the youngest law teacher elevated to the position of Principal. His areas of interest are Islamic Law & Jurisprudence, International Law, Property Law (including Intellectual Property), Legal Drafting and Family Law.

As Head of Institution, Aatir initiated the idea to introduce research culture among legal academia in the country and launched the Superior Law Review, the only academic law review in Pakistan which promotes original research relating to legal issues pertaining to Pakistan, of which he is editor-in-chief.

In addition, he is Executive Director of the Institute of Public Administration & Policy Studies at the Superior University in Lahore, Fellow of the Azra Naheed Centre for Research and Development and University Coordinator for promotion of coordination among the major universities of Pakistan in the field of Intellectual Property under the Higher Education Commission, IPO-Pakistan and WIPO.

Aatir is also Director of the Centre for Legal Studies in Lahore, and a member of the National Curriculum Revision Committee on Law, responsible for the development of curriculum of the LLB program in Pakistan.

Recently he has been selected as Secretary to the Human Rights Committee at the Lahore High Court Bar Association for 2011-12, and has served as Chairman of the Committee on Intellectual Property Laws, Vice-Chairman of the Legal Education Committee and Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Lahore High Court Bar Association since completing his studies at Cambridge.

Talking about his Cambridge experience Aatir states: “Studying in Cambridge is an experience of a lifetime, which cannot be expressed properly in words. The best thing about Cambridge is the sense of belonging and warmth which the collegiate system offers. Cambridge is simply the best, having enormous academic and research opportunities, brilliant people to study with, excellent faculty and staff, welcoming atmosphere, awesome sports facilities, rich culture, beautiful scenery, magnificent structure, and above all a strong and exceptional alumni network’.