Bo Tian

Year group: 2009

Degree: BA, Computer Science

College: Trinity

Home country: China

Current position: Software Engineer at Rhythmia Medical Inc, Boston, Massachusetts

Bo came to the University of Cambridge to study for his Computer Science Tripos, with Physics and Mathematics for Natural Sciences in his first year.  The course was both challenging and rewarding.  Bo says “the Saturday lectures in my first year kept me away from Friday night parties, and I found the supervision work deadlines sometimes kept me awake well into dawn”.

The lectures on Bo’s course covered a wide range of topics, often delivered by world leading experts in that field.  Many of the supervision questions were extremely challenging.  Such hard work prepared Bo well for his career, as demonstrated by his performance during his internship, and landing numerous job offers even though he had yet to graduate.

During his spare time, Bo had the opportunity to ski for the first time on the Varsity Ski Trip and was also involved in the Trinity College Student Union, where he had the chance to organise events: ”It was a fascinating experience to tend the bar, and mix cocktails that I have never heard before!”  If he could go back in time and choose which university to attend, Bo says he would certainly choose Cambridge again.