Haiyun Wang

Year group: 2010

Degree: MPhil, Education

College: St Edmund's

Home country: China

Current position: Deputy Director of Division of International Exchange and Cooperation in Chanchun University of Technology, Jilin

Studying in Cambridge, Haiyun gained an MPhil in Education.

Haiyun had been working as an English teacher for about 15 years from 1997 and had been Dean of English Department for 6 years, before she left for Cambridge in 2010.  Haiyun is currently studying for her doctoral degree in Comparative Education at the Northeast Normal University.

Of her experience in Cambridge, Haiyan comments "I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to study in Cambridge. This one-year experience is casting great positive influence on my life. For one thing, in Cambridge, I enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of originality and prospectiveness. I could let my thoughts fly there.  I have a broader view of the amazing world and a more flexible thinking pattern than before.  Cambridge offered me great diversity, for example, classmates and friends who bring with them various cultures and thinking modes from different parts of the world, various choices of courses and seminars which helped to broaden my horizon etc.  In other words, Cambridge enhanced my international understanding."