Isaac Ofosu Debrah

Year group: 2011

Degree: MPhil, Development Studies

College: St Edmund's

Home country: Ghana

Current position: Research Assistant for Dr Joycelyn Viterna a Harvard Sociology Professor on her work on civil society organisations, globally

Isaac obtained his undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Work at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and graduated at the top of a class of 400 students.  Before coming came to Cambridge, Issac worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, teaching courses in Sociology of Development and Organisational Behaviour.

He is aspiring to become an authority in Public Policy, and will soon undertake a PhD in this area.  Isaac’s research interest is in how the competing US-China interest in Africa’s new oil rich countries can inure to the benefit of the continent.

Here in Cambridge, Isaac, in his words, “has been extraordinarily privileged to share classrooms with intellectually stellar community of academics and students.  The academic milieu encourages hard work and the opportunities to become intellectually adept are endless.  Professors make you feel your opinion also matters and this is a major fillip for one’s academic progress”.  With the knowledge acquired from Cambridge, Isaac sees himself as a trustee of his country’s development and that of the larger African continent.

He added, “The debates, beyond lecture theatres, that take place in Colleges with friends were profoundly interesting.  Also, the dinners and the bops will be forever etched in my mind.  I have made life-time friends and cultivated valuable contacts.  Thanks to a Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholarship, I have been able to experience the rare privilege of studying in the best University in the world, especially, coming from this far corner of the world on the west coast of Africa”.