Isabella Akinseye

Year group: 2011

Degree: BA, Education

College: Homerton

Home country: Nigeria

Current position: Corporate Communications Officer, Nestlé Nigeria Plc

Isabella studied in Cambridge between 2007 and 2011 where she received a B A (Hons) in Education with English and Drama. During her time in Cambridge, she was actively involved in student life through music, sports and writing. She went on to found the Homerton African Dancers and was the President of the Cambridge University Nigeria Society (2010-2011).

She is now back in Nigeria completing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps at Nestlé Nigeria Plc where she works as a Corporate Communications Officer. She is part of the team responsible for internal and external communications for Nestlé Nigeria Plc. Current Editor of the quarterly staff newsletter, Nestlé News. Isabella provides communication support to various brands and departments and assists in the management of the company's corporate media relations.

In her free time, Isabella writes for a wide range of publications in Nigeria and overseas, and she is a member of the Oxbridge Society of Nigeria.

Writing about Cambridge, Isabella says, “Studying in the world’s best university was a rare privilege. Apart from being taught by leading experts, the facilities and resources at our disposal were rival to none. So many opportunities are available to become part and parcel of the Cantab life (on and off campus). The support and pastoral care from both college and university was superb. They are really committed to seeing you through both the good, bad and ugly times. I will miss the serenity of Cambridge and being able to ride my bicycle everywhere!”