Michael Balimukuubo

Year group: 2011

Degree: LLM, Law

College: St Edmund's

Home country: Uganda

Current position: Member of the Tax Department at Kateera and Kagumire Advocates, Uganda

Michael graduated with distinction from Makerere University Law School and studied for the Ugandan Bar immediately after his undergraduate degree.  He also undertook a postgraduate Diploma in tax law at the East African School of Taxation.

Michael then came to Cambridge where he studied for a Masters of Law. in corporate and commercial law.  He found the courses uniquely interesting, in particular the course in Commercial Equity, where he was exposed to the core workings of commercial trusts, pension trusts, hedge funds and off shore investment options of purpose trusts.  This, Michael says, more than any other subject at the LLM exposed him to the deeper practicalities of sophisticated and developed economies and the challenges in regulating such economies.  He added, ”the teaching staff at Cambridge were grounded both academically and literally in the subjects they taught. This coupled with a wealth of resources from the Squire Law Library made my academic life a dream come true.”

Michael returned to Uganda in July 2012 and is currently in active commercial practice in Kateera and Kagumire Advocates, the oldest and one of the top commercial law firms in Uganda.  He is also a member of the Oxbridge Society of Uganda and hopes to join a teaching institution to take up lecturing in law at the beginning of 2013.

Currently Michael is involved in corporate and tax advisory for a wide range of the firm’s corporate clients.  His knowledge from the LLM has enabled him to distinguish himself in the area of corporate finance and corporate restructuring in a short time of practice. He is occasionally invited to speak to youths in schools and universities about career prospects, and considers this to be the biggest door that a Cambridge degree has swung wide open, in that it has enabled him to follow through with his wish to inspire growing generations. 

Michael says “the opportunity to study at Cambridge is by all standards a God sent opportunity.  It’s magnificent architecture, well stocked Squire Law library and online data base of reading materials, excellent teaching staff and a welcoming and friendly class made my stay at Cambridge a memorable one.  You cannot beat the Cambridge bike riding experience, it was awesome.  My church family at Holy Trinity Church Cambridge made a would be lonely life, full of activities and the people there have infectious smiles.  This was a life changing experience for me and I am deeply thankful to the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission for awarding me a Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholarship”.