Milija Bozovic

Year group: 2009

Degree: MPhil, English and Applied Linguistics

College: St Edmunds

Home country: Montenegro

Current position: PhD in Empirical & Applied Linguistics, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster & Head Teacher at Arcadia Academy, Montenegro

After receiving an OSI Chevening Cambridge Scholarship, Milija had the opportunity to study English and Applied Linguistics and acquire the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Degree from the University of Cambridge.  Wearing a gown while cycling down the most beautiful roads near the Cam River, having an afternoon tea in Grantchester meadows, breathing the air of knowledge, defending the Blue colours against Oxford in a Varsity Basketball Match, celebrating the 800th University birthday, and sitting in a viva exam in front of the world’s most renowned Professors were only some of the highlights that made Milija’s stay in Cambridge more than just a memorable experience.

Milija is interested in how language works and what can be learned with respect to language acquisition. His MPhil research was centred on second language acquisition in phonology, segmental and suprasegmental features, as well as the acquisition of the English article system by learners from different language backgrounds.  The MPhil also covered a broad range of subjects, preparing him for the upcoming challenges in the teaching/research profession.

After his last exam and before the official Congregation at the Senate House, Milija worked as an English language teacher for EF Education First International Language School at Clare College in Cambridge.

On his return to Montenegro, experience in teaching at the Knightsbridge School in Montenegro confirmed his interest in teaching professionally.  After a year, Milija became a co-founder and the Head Teacher of Arcadia Academy, a British International school in Montenegro, being a Council of British International Schools candidate school, where he teaches English.

Milija is active in fostering continuing commitment to excellence and core values of freedom of thought and expression, and acts as the President of the Cambridge Society of Montenegro which keeps in close contact with the Cambridge Society and the Alumni Office of the University of Cambridge.  He is also an active member of the Chevening Alumni Association of Montenegro.

Milija is currently studyingfor a PhD in Empirical and Applied Linguistics at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in Germany, where his research is on creating an empirically sound methodology for assessing computer-assisted language learning programmes. As well as the Head Teacher at Arcadia Academy in Montenegro.