Neelum Maqsood

Year group: 2011

Degree: MPhil in Economics

College: Darwin

Home country: Pakistan

Current position: Research Associate, Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives, Lahore, Pakistan

Neelum Maqsood completed her MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge in 2012.  Her MPhil dissertation was on the financial crisis in Argentina in 2002 and analyzed its impact on the urban labour market, exploring its heterogeneous impact on individuals working in firms of varying characteristics.  Before this, she gained her B.Sc in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan. 

Neelum is currently working at a think-tank at the Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS), which carries out research and policy analysis on various facets of development in Pakistan, and is working on a research project that explores the evolution of policies in the educations sector in Pakistan and highlights the policy gaps that still remain unaddressed.  In addition, Neelum is also researching in the areas of institutional and pricing structure of the power sector of Pakistan.  She hopes that such research will build upon the existing work in this area and play a role in guiding the policy-makers to address the challenge of power shortage and excessive load-shedding in Pakistan.

Neelum says “Cambridge opened a completely different world for me.  I spent evenings talking to people carrying out research in vastly different fields, ranging from a Turkish educationist researching teaching methods in schools, to a Mauritian environmentalist who spoke passionately about her love for nature.  I am grateful to the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust for awarding me a Commonwealth Shared & Noon Education Foundation Cambridge Scholarship which made it possible for me to attend the University of Cambridge.  Cambridge did not just give me an excellent environment to carry out my research, but also an extremely refreshing discovery of different lifestyles and attitudes.  I was also selected to represent the University at the Econometric Game Competition held at Amsterdam; it was a fantastic time all year round! ”