Scott Kelly

Year group: 2007 MPhil & 2008 PhD

Degree: MPhil, Engineering for Sustainable Development & PhD, Energy, Economics and Climate Change

College: Wolfson & Selwyn

Home country: New Zealand & Australia

Current position: Research Associate, Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, University of Cambridge

With a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Scott has developed a wide range of skills within the energy sector. He has had the benefit of two years’ professional experience working as an energy consultant for one of the largest engineering consultancies in the world (AECOM).  Following a personal goal to improve sustainability and limit the effects of climate change, Scott applied and was awarded a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to study for an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge.

During the MPhil course, Scott received high commendations from the Department of Engineering for both course work and his dissertation on the economic competitiveness of Combined Heat and Power with District Heating in the UK. Scott went on to complete a PhD in the Centre of Climate Change Mitigation Research in the Department of Land Economy in Cambridge. Scott has published widely in peer reviewed publications looking at decarbonisation and the economics of energy demand, and Scott is a certified reviewer forseveral journals, including Energy Policy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy and the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society.  Scott has presented at numerous Universities around the UK and at international conferences.  He has also provided advice on energy policy to government departments and regulators.

Scott is currently employed as a Research Associate in the Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, in which role he is part of a consortium studying infrastructure transitions to 2050.  Scott will be studying the interdependencies and indirect costs of large infrastructure failure to the wider UK economy.

"The opportunity to read at Cambridge has been a dream come true. Now that I am here I never really want to leave. Each time I finish a course or finish a contract a new opportunity to stay in Cambridge lands in my lap and I can't resist the opportunity to stay in Cambridge longer. It is just the most amazing place I have ever been.  Not many people in the world would be able to say that they ride through meadows full of cows while meandering alongside a gently flowing river moments before arriving at the entrance to their office. Its just magical"