Thomas Ng

Year group: 2008

Degree: MEng, BA Chemical Engineering

College: Corpus Christi

Home country: Hong Kong

Current position: Environmental Engineering Graduate

Thomas joined the University of Cambridge in 2008 as a Natural Sciences undergraduate student.  Upon finishing his first year he transferred to the Chemical Engineering Tripos and graduated with a Masters of Engineering in the summer of 2012.

While at Cambridge, Thomas was a member of the Cambridge University Eco Racing Team and participated first hand in the construction of the solar car “Bethany” (officially named Endeavour).  He helped found the Corpus Christi College Board Game Society and later became its first finance committee member.  He held the dual position of logistics and webmaster on the Cambridge University Chinese Orchestra Society Committee, and performed in more than seven concerts.

Thomas now works in Hong Kong as a trainee for the Environmental Protection Department, and is currently working in the Waste Facilities Group learning about the day to day operation of the WENT (West New Territoires) Landfill.  

About his time in Cambridge, Thomas commented “the University of Cambridge provided students with the ideal environment for studying.  The first thing I noticed upon after arriving was the intensely academic atmosphere.  Every conversation that lasted for more than 5 minutes would eventually evolve  into an academic discussion.  It was a very refreshing experience.

Outside of studying, there were numerous activities and opportunities available. Some of these activities could even complement the course content.  This was especially true for engineering students who could greatly benefit from hands-on experience.  Fitting everything in my time schedule was easy because most facilities, e.g. libraries, computer rooms and laboratories, were open twenty-four hours a day.  This provided students with a great degree of flexibility as to when they prefered to work. 

Being able to study at Cambridge has always been a dream of mine, and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust made it all possible.  Mere words cannot describe what an amazing experience the last four years have been.  I will always be grateful for the support of the Trust.”