Vincent Hardy

Year group: 2011

Degree: MPhil, Modern Society and Global Transformations

College: Fitzwilliam

Home country: Canada

Current position: Intern at the Canadian Parliament

Vincent completed an MPhil in Modern Society and Global Transformations at the University of Cambridge in 2012, and is taking a short break from his academic projects, to take part in the Canadian Political Science Association’s Parliamentary Internship Programme.  This one year placement allows interns to work with Members of Parliament sitting on opposite sides of the Canadian House of Commons and to complete a research project on a topic related to Canada’s governance.

During his time at Cambridge, Vincent had the chance to study some of the important new realities brought about by the 2008 financial crisis in European labour markets.  Under the supervision of Dr Brendan Burchell, his dissertation attempted to find out under what conditions temporary work contracts result in labour market insecurity and lower psychological well-being for workers, and how this varies across the European Union. Vincent is hoping to pursue further research on the experiences of certain groups in the population who must contend with new challenges and difficulties in terms of their work and labour market situation. He is especially interested in how governments can respond and establish policies that favour security and well-being amongst the working population.

Vincent says “my time at Cambridge was highlighted by wonderful Professors, fascinating talks and conferences, and a very active social life. The College system is wonderful for the sense of community it sustains and the support it provides to students. As an international student, I really appreciated how easy it was to integrate into life at Cambridge and the variety of activities on offer.”