Yvonne Lim

Year group: 2009

Degree: BA (Hons), Law

College: Murray Edwards

Home country: Malaysia

Current position: Associate (Legal) at Khazanah Nasional Berhad

Yvonne was awarded a Khazanah Cambridge Scholarship to study for a BA in Law at the University of Cambridge in 2009.  In addition to her studies, she had the opportunity to try things that she never thought she would do: fencing, performing, and running a half-marathon.  Every Saturday, Yvonne and her friends ‘would head to the buttery for brunch which would often result in not only hearty laughs and cheeky banter but also stimulating discussions about politics, history, and philosophy’.  Needless to say, she learned so much more than just English law.

In her own words ‘My years in Cambridge were definitely some of the best of my life.  Murray Edwards College was most welcoming and definitely where I found a place to call home in Cambridge.  It was very much a journey of self-discovery for me; change was the only thing that was constant.  The lecturers were excellent and the Faculty was very well-equipped.  My supervisors were always so supportive, whether by replying to my numerous queries via e-mail or simply by offering tea at the start of a supervision on a dreary Friday morning. I have found friendships to last for life, experienced things the British way, and discovered the courage to be unique.  One can take me out of Cambridge, but one cannot take Cambridge out of me!’