Ziyad Aliyev

Year group: 2005

Degree: MPhil, English and Applied Linguistics

College: Wolfson

Home country: Azerbaijan

Current position: Head of Quality Control, Training and Certification Department, State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR)

Ziyad came to Cambridge in 2005, having been awarded a OSI Chevening Cambridge Scholarship to study for an MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics, and was a member of Wolfson College.

After working for various multinational organizations implementing government programs, Ziyad joined the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in 2011. He is now the Head of Quality control and is responsible for the quality of all training delivered and administration and Conducting of examinations in 5 training centers of SOCAR, which provide training in a wide range of oil and gas related specializations, as well as offshore safety and marine operations.  Ziyad has led a team to improve the training processes and coordination with among the training centers, proposing and implementing a computer based examination system for all the centers.  Over 15 000 people attend courses annually in these training centers. One of the recently-launched centers will be a model in vocational education in Azerbaijan, and Ziyad and his team will study and propose international best practices for the new center to meet established standards and best serve the needs of the company.

Ziyad is a member of the Azerbaijan Oxbridge Society, Azerbaijan UK Alumni Association (AUKAA), and Chairman of Examination Committees for SOCAR’s training centers. He was awarded a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the George Washington University in June 2013, following his successful completion of a one-year Project Management course provided jointly by ESI International and the George Washington University in Baku.

Ziyad says he is “fascinated by his educational and life experience while in Cambridge” and that his time there was “very productive”.  As an MPhil student, he undertook research in applied linguistics in the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics and enjoyed the environment working with his Professors and researchers who provided everything he needed to pursue his most favorite subject with enthusiasm and success.  He was an active member of Wolfson’s Boat Club and participated in a novice race and the Fairburn Cup.  Ziyad says: “Cambridge changed my life!  I have a deep attachment to Cambridge.  It has definitely enabled me to make more progress and achievements in my professional life.  I realized this dream thanks to the financial support I received from the Cambridge Overseas Trust and I express my deepest gratitude to the Trust for this opportunity.”