Zubair Nabi

Year group: 2011

Degree: MPhil, Advanced Computer Science

College: Robinson

Home country: Pakistan

Zubair graduated with an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science with distinction from the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge having been awarded a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.  His MPhil dissertation focussed on exploring new methods for transferring substantial amounts of data between machines, which has applications in both scientific and commercial computing. This work has matured into a full-fledged project with one published research paper, and another one in the pipeline.

Currently, Zubair is privately working on a number of projects related to countering Internet censorship and reducing the energy footprint of devices on the Internet.  Zubair plans on pursuing a PhD in the near future.

“Cambridge was a wonderful journey for me as I had the chance to work with top researchers in my field.  This enabled me to push my skills to the limit and come up with new ways to solve real world problems.  A year at Cambridge reinforced my belief that technology is the key to the future and can solve problems ranging from illiteracy and healthcare to communication and food production.  I met some of the smartest people in the world ranging from historians researching the Indian Postal Service to scientists trying to find a cure for cancer.

Robinson College provided an excellent balance between academia and social interaction; I made irreplaceable friends whose friendship I will cherish forever.  On the sporting front, I rowed for my College”.