CU Brazilian Society - Sustainability Seminar

The Trust's Director, Helen Pennant, joined the panel at the University Brazilian Society's seminar on Sustainability through Education on 23 January.

She spoke on what the word 'sustainable' can mean, and how it applies to the field of education.  She highlighted the role that universities have to play, in instilling long-term values in their students and staff, teaching and promoting relevant research, and educating leaders for the future.  She also illustrated the Trust's contribution to this, in enabling students to gain a global perspective by studying outside their home countries, and by assisting with the development of faculty members for countries which are expanding their higher education systems.

The other two panelists were Alexandre Parola, Minister Counsellor and Head of the Academic Division at the Embassy of Brazil in London, and Tania Lima, Programme Director of Science without Borders in the UK.

The three short presentations were followed by a lively debate, covering aspects of Brazilian society today, the prospects for high-level students going back to contribute to the development of Brazil, and the contexts in which business and corporate training can promote sustainability.

The Cambridge University Brazilian Society is a student-run organization that promotes both Brazilian culture and academic exchange within Cambridge.  Many of the Brazilian students currently studying in Cambridge are supported by scholarships via the Cambridge Trust, such as the CAPES Science without Borders Cambridge Scholarship, and the CAPES Cambridge Scholarship in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.