DeepMind Technologies Limited

DeepMind Technologies Limited is a world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application to real-world problems.

DeepMind was founded in London in 2010 and its headquarters remain there. It also has offices and research centres in France, Canada and the USA. Its CEO and co-founder, Dr Demis Hassabis, is an alumnus of Queens' College. The company was acquired by Google in 2014. In 2016 it launched DeepMind Health, which builds clinician-led technology in the National Health Service.

DeepMind joined with the Cambridge Trust to create the DeepMind Cambridge Scholarship. The objective of the scholarship programme is to give financial support to female and black students from the UK and Ireland to help them study for Master’s degrees in Advanced Computer Science or Machine Learning, or PhDs in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

Note for students

You are encouraged to use the Trust’s scholarship search to find all the awards for which you may be eligible.