How to establish an endowment

The aim of an endowment is for a capital sum to earn sufficient income to support an ongoing programme of scholarships. Please contact us to discuss details.

The estimated costs for a student at the University of Cambridge in the academic year 2015-16 are shown in the table below. Please note that:

  • all figures are shown in £ sterling, and are rounded up/down to the nearest 100
  • tuition fees vary according to the nationality of the applicant (classified as either Home/EU or Overseas) and according to the academic subject of the degree - the figures below do not include courses which are charged at the Clinical rate, or the MBA and Master of Finance courses
  • College fees vary slightly between Colleges; from 2015-16 the postgraduate College fee will be included in the Tuition fee
  • the level of stipend is set annually by the Trust, and is not less than the minimum amount required by the University; the stipend is adequate to cover accommodation, food and other expenses for a single person in Cambridge
  • all costs may be subject to increase in future years
  Fee status Tuition fee College fee Stipend Total
Undergraduate Home/EU 9,000 - 9,200 18,200
  Overseas from 15,100 to 22,900 from 5,500 to 6,500  9,200       from 29,800 to 38,600
Masters Home/EU from 8,200 to 26,000 - 12,900 from 21,100 to 38,900
  Overseas from 19,600 to 27,800    - 12,900 from 32,500 to 40,700
PhD Home/EU 7,300 - 12,900 20,200
  Overseas from 19,000 to 23,900 - 12,900 from 31,900 to 36,800

The levels of endowment required to provide initial income streams based on a return of 4% are outlined below. The Trust expects the value of investments and therefore of returns to grow, but past financial performance cannot be used to provide specific forecasts for future returns.

Endowment in £ sterling Income return in £ sterling
625,000 25,000
750,000 30,000
875,000 35,000
1,000,000 40,000
1,125,000 45,000
1,250,000 50,000

We suggest that you consider a few of the variables of student support:

  • Is there a particular level of degree that you would like to support?
    • undergraduate degree or BA, normally of 3 or 4 years’ duration
    • Masters or similar taught postgraduate degree, normally of 1 year’s duration
    • postgraduate research degree or PhD, normally of 3 or 4 years’ duration
  • Are there particular types of student whom you would like to support?
    • students from specific countries or regions
    • students in particular subject fields
    • students who require financial assistance in order to study at Cambridge (most of the scholarships managed by the Trust set this as a criterion)
  • Are there any conditions which you would like to set upon the receipt of a scholarship, such as requiring a scholar to return to their home country for an agreed length of time after completion of their studies in Cambridge?

Please be aware that the Trust may only operate within the terms of the UK Equality Act 2010; we can advise on how this may impact on your plans or wishes for scholarship awards.