Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission

The Marshall Commission is responsible for the Marshall Scholarship Programme, named in honour of George C Marshall, US Secretary of State (1950-51). It was founded by an Act of Parliament in 1953 and is principally funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Marshall Scholarships provide two years’ funding to finance up to 50 US scholars each year to study for graduate degrees in the UK in any subject.

The Cambridge Marshall PhD Scholarship at the University of Cambridge is available to applicants for any PhD course to fund the third year of a three-year course. The scholarship is tenable at any College within the University, and in any subject, from academic year 2019-20, and up to two scholarships may be offered in each academic year.

More information for applicants can be found on the Trust's online scholarships search page.

See here for more information on Marshall Scholarships.

A separate external application is required for this scholarship

To ensure that they are considered for this scholarship, applicants must: