Pembroke College

Pembroke College was founded 1347 and is the third oldest of the Cambridge colleges. Despite being located in the middle of the city, Pembroke presents a tranquil environment with varied architectural styles framing open courts and beautiful gardens. The College has approximately 70 Fellows, 430 undergraduates and 190 graduate students. They form an intimate yet diverse community, committed to welcoming students of exceptional talent regardless of their social, cultural or educational background.

The College works with the Trust, the Boustany Foundation and the Institute of Astronomy to offer the Boustany Scholarship in Astronomy, which is awarded to a PhD applicant in Astronomy once in every three years, and with the Trust and the Boustany Foundation to offer the Boustany Cambridge Pembroke Scholarship in Philosophy, which is also awarded once every three years.

Note for students

You are encouraged to use the Trust's scholarships search to find all the awards for which you may be eligible.