Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was established in 1991, to realize the vision of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He dreamed of a modern India, secular, independent and progressive; a country that enshrines the democratic principle of equality, and blends progress with rich cultural traditions. He imagined a country with an educated people free of prejudice, where women participate as equals; a nation with the space and will to empower all citizens, and especially the underprivileged.

This vision is the Foundation's mandate: to help create a peaceful modern nation with a just society, in which every Indian has the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.  Since its inception the Foundation has worked on many wide-ranging issues, from literacy, health, disability, and empowerment of the underprivileged, to creating livelihoods and natural resource management.

The Foundation works with the Cambridge Trust to offer the Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Scholarship, for Indian students taking an MPhil in a subject within the field of Social Sciences or an LLM degree.

Note for students

You are encouraged to use the Trust's scholarships search to find all the awards for which you may be eligible.