The Standard Bank Africa Chairman’s Scholarship

Founded in 2013, the Standard Bank Africa Chairman’s Scholarship aims to offer both educational enrichment and international exposure to the next generation of Africa’s talent. Through the scholarship, Standard Bank aims to create a network of African leaders who will influence and champion Africa’s development and sustainability – while exercising global influence through visionary leadership. Africa has a critical role to play in shaping the 21st century, and the continent is interacting with the rest of the world on its own terms to grow a sustainable Africa. Through this commitment, Standard Bank aims to champion those African leaders who will actively build a future for Africa, led by Africans.

In partnership with Magdalene College and the Cambridge Trust, Standard Bank are offering scholarships to Master’s students from the African continent. Each specialising in their particular area of expertise, these students will represent the best and brightest Africa has to offer, introducing thoughtful challenge amongst their peers as they grow in courage, fair-mindedness and integrity. Standard Bank are supporting these students as part of their commitment to enable and empower them to become effective leaders in Africa.

On completion of their studies, students will become a member of the Standard Bank Africa Chairman's Scholarship Alumni Network, which brings together professionals, activists and thinkers who share their passion for Africa's wellbeing and success; future leaders we can all be proud of.