The Tazaki Foundation

Tadayoshi 'Taz' Tazaki is an international business leader and philanthropist who is an alumnus of Downing College, University of Cambridge. He founded his company, The Japan Agency and Consultancy (JAC), in 1975 with the aim of supporting the growing Japanese business community in the UK.  The company focused on staff recruitment for Japanese companies, rental accommodation for Japanese expatriates (JAC Property) and Japanese food for the Japanese community (Tazaki Foods).

The Tazaki Group was initially established in the UK and has subsequently expanded its operations into Japan, South East and East Asia.

The Tazaki Foundation was established to support Japanese students wishing to pursue studies in the United Kingdom. The Foundation creates opportunities for young Japanese people, through studies abroad and similar activities, to enable them to grow into multicultural individuals. The role of multicultural individuals is becoming an increasingly important one in a globalised society

The Tazaki Cambridge Studentship was established through a collaboration with Downing College to support outstanding Japanese nationals accepted onto postgraduate degree courses at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship will support students pursuing a PhD or MPhil in Computer Science, or in a course with a heavy computer science component. The scholarship is fully funded and includes tuition fees and a stipend, and is tenable at any College within the University of Cambridge.