Yousef Abdul Latif Jameel

Yousef Jameel is a well-known international business leader and philanthropist.  He supports a wide range of institutions and projects in the fields of education, scientific research and the arts.

The Yousef Jameel Academic Program, started in 2004, has supported almost 400 postgraduate and MBA students in the Middle East, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Senegal, France and the UK.

He funded both the Business School and the Science & Technology Research Center at the American University in Cairo (from which he himself graduated in Economics), and made a substantial benefaction to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to establish the Online Centre for Islamic & Asian Art and the Centre for the Study of Eastern Art.

In Cambridge, in addition to many scholarships, he has been a major donor to the University and is a member of the Guild of Benefactors.  He also supported the foundation in 2009 of the Cambridge Muslim College, a non-denominational institution for education, training and research in subjects relevant to the British Muslim community.

In establishing the Yousef Jameel Scholarship for PhD applicants, his vision is to initiate and invigorate education, research and wealth creation in the Middle East, North Africa and developing countries, especially in Egypt. Particular emphasis is given to the areas of Science and Technology that contribute  to sustainable development, and which would benefit from talented students gaining a PhD in Cambridge and returning to their home countries to make use of their knowledge and expertise.

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